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Stephen Meade - Founder & Resident RainMaker – Big Bamboo, LLC

About Stephen:

Lifelong Entrepreneur.  Have created and ran three Public OTC companies in the US.  Started 11 companies total.  Took my first company public in 1999 and was a precursor to PayPal.  Specialties: Fintech, Blockchain, E-commerce, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship, Networking & Sales.  Current Project MonetaPro (Fintech/Blockchain).  I've won more Global Startup Contests (8) than any other company in the space.  I've judged Startup contests around the world—including most recently at AIBC in Malta (where I also helped craft some of the Blockchain Laws).  A little more information here.  I'm known globally as “The BullsEye Guy” for being able to create and target exactly what's needed to succeed.  You can see more of my articles, videos, interviews, and podcasts at The BullsEye Guy website.

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Speaker Topics:

  • Business Networking
  • Finance and FinTech
  • Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Enterprise Software
  • Blockchain
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Vision, Values, and Leadership

"Tornado Technique"

Stephen shares his basis for everything in Networking

Speaker's Reels:

Additional Presentations - Moderator, Keynote, Corporate Presentation & Fireside Chat:

Panel Moderator: Malta AI & Blockchain Summit - Falling for Deep Learning - November 8th, 2019: Designing Systems that Detect and Optimize Human Error.  Skill-based human error can have catastrophic consequences.  How do we implement adequate risk-management efforts to aid human processes?

Keynote Speech: Women Investing in Women Event - November 19th, 2018: Stephen Meade, Founder & CEO of MonetaPro, speaks about what Blockchain really means and the concept of "Toquity."

Corporate Presentation: MonetaPro Wins 1st Place - Silicon Valley - d10e - February 19th, 2018.  Approximately 420 companies submitted entry to become one of the 32 featured participants at this worldwide conference.  10 neutral judges voted MonetaPro as 1st place overall.

Fireside Chat: Unblocking the Blockchain Event - February 28th, 2018: Stephen provided a stellar speech on the simplified meaning of blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum, EOS, etc.  An ebook on this talk will be coming out soon!

World traveler: Speaker, Moderator & Presenter

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