Emergency Asset Management System (EAMS)

The Emergency Asset Management System

EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System) is a web-based disaster mitigation tool that collects data on the location, availability and disbursement of resources to be used in an emergency.  The system is setup to automate the processes associated with the collection and disbursement of disaster resources – all in real-time.

In emergency crisis management, there can be no delays.  A system is needed to keep up with the demand fluctuations in real-time, along with helping to prevent a future crisis from sprawling out of control.

Current Problem

FEMA needs a better understanding of what resources are available, their location and where it needs to go in an instant.  No one has a grasp of what’s all in the pipeline in terms of supply chain and distribution at a centralized level.

Solution – Utilizing EAMS

Acceleration, Expansion & Reallocation are vital during times of crises.  The infrastructure of the database along with the ability to adapt in real-time is vital to the supply chain and distribution of resources.

When an emergency strikes, EAMS is already in “real-time” status.  An emergency management team can access resources, materials and even pre-qualified volunteers in an instant with EAMS.  A pull-down menu allows you to find and highlight an item for allocation.  Once that has been done, an email notification is sent automatically to both the requester (recipient) and the resource (owner) indicating where exactly the item needs to be sent. (Resources are displayed as to where they were sent and who sent them).

EAMS lets users:

  • Distribute a collection of emergency resources.
  • Perform efficient resource searches using a powerful, real-time, search engine.
  • Request materials from the resource “owner” – including e-mail invoicing of the item either as a loan, gift or purchase.
  • Access and tracking built-in to a complete reporting system that may be customized to specific needs.

How will EAMS work today

In regards to the Coronavirus pandemic, Leader of FEMA’s supply chain task force, Admiral John Polowczyk, has addressed three vital issues: Acceleration, Expansion & Reallocation.  EAMS can address all of these issues as follows:

  1. Acceleration – EAMS will centralize all Suppliers and Distributers of resources for FEMA
  2. Expansion – Companies can sign-up instantly to be a part of the database and help produce resources, whether or not a normal part of their core business (i.e. General Motors producing ventilators)
  3. Reallocation – EAMS runs in real-time and instant access is provided of the inventory featuring the suppliers and distribution methods

EAMS was Created for Emergency Scenarios Requiring Mass Resources in an Instant

Mitigating a disaster is not just about the initial response or dispatch to an event, but also the business intelligence available to control, suppress, and recover from the effects of the disaster itself.


  • Containment during a Bioterrorism event is significant; but it is only a small part of the problem when compared to an inventory of hazmat suits, vaccines, professional personnel locations and available treatment and trauma centers.
  • Dealing with the life-saving issues at the World Trade center – were dwarfed by cleanup and infrastructure repair requirements.
  • Evacuation from the floods on the Mississippi River was a minor issue – compared to repairing the levees, pumping out facilities, and providing shelter.