1) Design Your Destiny

I’m often asked the following question… Why is “Isolation” a Good Thing?

What do you mean?  Like being “alone”?

This seems so counter-intuitive, especially when the event is all about networking and connecting. It’s quite interesting that when you ask people what the word Isolation means to them, you usually get something with a “negative” connotation; being alone, desolate, by yourself.

The mere word Isolation conjures up less than positive images.

Why does it have to be that way?

What is the word Isolation was “reframed” in your mind to mean something positive?

What if you pictured yourself sitting on a beautiful beach, sand under your feet, surf slowly breaking in front of you, and the sun setting in a warm orange glow? You feel the warmth on your skin; you revel in the solace and silence, and take a deep breath and think- ahhhhhhh- Isolation is a good thing.

Indeed, in an instant, you can reprogram the pictures in your mind, and then the feelings associated with that single word.

For our purposes, Isolation is a good thing as it relates to be targeted, specific and focused.

Think about a target where you isolate and focus on the bull’s eye.

Or perhaps working out, where you might “isolate” a muscle group to strengthen it. Tuesday is Arms.

Even in business, where you a focused on the top five individuals you need to help make your business a success.

Again, Isolation is a Good Thing when it comes to being specific and getting what you want.

So as you wonder about attending any of our networking events, remember it’s not about being alone, but about meeting exactly who you need.

Who do you need to meet? Do you know your top five people? If I asked you to name the five people you need or want to meet to be successful, could you name them?

See, Isolation is indeed a good thing.

It’s all about being specific, targeted, and focused.

To that end, we hope you can attend one of our Happy Hour events, upcoming seminars, or keep an eye out for the impending book (coming out soon)