Stephen Meade Companies

BigBamboo is an incubator designed to create and accelerate companies.  All ideas and company formation have been started by Stephen Meade.

What follows are a list of companies with the following attributes:

  1. Companies that are currently active (In Operation)
  2. Companies that require a CEO (Need a Leader)
  3. Companies that are still in the brainstorming stage (Ideas for Now)
  4. Companies that were successfully sold (Successful Exits)
  5. Companies that were unsuccessful (Failed Companies Post-Mortem)

In Operation:

  • MonetaPro– MonetaPro is a sell-for-credit business-to-business exchange that allows companies to list goods and services for sale at prices they determine. Upon the sale of an item, the Company does not receive cash but instead receives an internal trade credit (called a GBUC- for general business usage credit) which can then be used immediately to purchase other goods and services from approved trade companies.  The system utilizes leading-edge technology to deliver better efficiency, more liquidity, and trust to the industry.
  • MagMo – MagMo, derived from “Magic Moments,” is a technology company dedicated to strengthening the connection between well-known brands and their social audience.  MagMo has developed a software tool that creates short stories populated with pictures and text that brands can use to produce content designed for their existing social media markets.  MagMo helps major brands, celebrities, and companies share this customized content and intensify existing relationships on Facebook, Twitter and every other social media channel. It promotes engagement, encourages conversation and brings brands and their customers closer together on a regular basis.
  • Thanks4YourService – Have you ever wanted a simple way to say “Thank You” to a Veteran, Service Member or perhaps a Police or Fire person?  Well, I have.  And what I realized is a few things.
    1. I’m not the type to walk up and say “Thank You”.
    2. I certainly didn’t want to walk up and act like I’m going to share their hand- nothing like looking as if you were drawing a gun on someone.  And-
    3. There is no universal symbol for saying Thank You

Why is this important?  Well, I had something happen to me on two different occasions while in New York City.

Combination of these incidents caused me to do something.  You can see what happened, and why I wanted to start a movement.

Need a Leader:

  • Stealth Model E-Commerce – We need a CEO for Stealth Mode eCommerce Startup! If you are a seasoned CEO looking for that next exciting startup opportunity, consider this new venture.
  • CuCme – (pronounced See You- See Me), is a mobile proximity networking app. Think LinkedIn meets FourSquare. In a business use, no more frustration of going to conferences or trade shows and wandering the halls looking at name tags and hoping you meet the right person. From a personal one, no one could go into a public gathering and instantly find, view, and communicate with people of like interests.Looking for: Funding to complete the build of the mobile app, and go to market.
  • ComCom Networks – Community Commerce Networks, Inc. “ComCom” is a West Coast Corporation that provides a closed loop, and private labeled e-commerce engine which empowers affinity groups and communities such as Chambers of Commerce, Alumni Groups, and Professional Associations.
  • MBTweeners – Men’s Fashion Brand

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Ideas for Now:

  • SmileVibe –  a concept company based on current and impending Mobile Technologies. If your interest is in mobile application, social networking and online dating, this company is ripe for the market.
  • Rush Street TV – Rush Street is a concept based on an area of Chicago, Illinois.  This treatment is a combination of several current TV shows.  It is a smart drama with depth of stories only available in this area of Chicago.  Currently, the project needs a talented writer or creative director. Preferably someone with experience in shows with HBO, Showtime, and the major networks.
  • New Pen –  As one who reads often, takes notes, and is always trying to improve, I have a simple idea for a new pen.  If anyone has manufacturing expertise or promotional items, this could be a winner.
  • SwapSeats – In the market today, there are several offerings for tickets. Primarily sporting events. These systems range from eBay to StubHub and are based upon a cash model for the secondary market.  SwapSeats has a technology that would bring a fresh and unique twist on the entire industry.
  • New Sandal – This was a simple observation of how the majority of people’s feet seem to fit, or more accurately not fit, on the sandals and flip flops.  If anyone has manufacturing expertise in footwear, this could be a winner.

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Successful Exits:

  • Virtual Sellers – This company was started in March of 1996 and completed a public transaction in March of 1999. The stock symbol was VDOT. The company had a market cap that went from $30MM to $950MM.I often joke that my goal was to “have a Billion dollar company” by the time I was 33.  Well, with Virtual Sellers, I accomplished that goal.  However, I now know that I had the wrong goal.  Check out more from the wayback machine here
  • SiteVisions – a company that created web sites. The name SiteVisions was created in conversation with Mariah Carey, and the logo (which I’m still trying to locate) was taken as a drawing from her eye.The company name was meant to be a double entendre, for both “Sight” as in seeing, and “Site” as in web site.  The company was sold in a successful exit.
  • EZ Stash – EZStash provides you with simple, reliable, and secure back-up that allows you to schedule how much, what time, and how often you wish to back up your critical data. EZStash is automatic, so once it is installed, there’s nothing else you need to do. EZStash enables you to set the time, day or night, for your data to be automatically backed up.The company was sold in 2008.

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Failed Companies - Post Mortum:

  • Cenoplex – transforming customer care for wireless operators worldwide. As the first company to harness the gap between call placement and call connection, Cenoplex enables wireless operators to communicate more effectively and intelligently with their customers by placing precisely targeted Actionable Audio MessagesSM into the call stream of any mobile phone.
  • SpoonMantics – Welcome to the world of SpoonMantics.SpoonMantics is a custom-made collection of pure passion chocolate, fully sculptured pendants, jewelry and other romantic gift items.

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