About Big Bamboo, LLC.

BigBamboo, LLC is a holding company, started by Stephen Meade in 2000.

It is not a company that sells a product, instead, it serves as an incubator to start and scale ideas that are all started by the Founder- Stephen Meade.

BigBamboo does not invest in outside ideas, but instead takes concepts from visualization to creation and if viable, raises capital to bring them to market.

The philosophy behind BigBamboo is to create companies that fill a gap in an industry, often based on everyday actions or needs that are overlooked by others.

Stephen Meade created a concept called “Retrospective Evolution”, where he will look backwards into what has worked in the past, and then overlay ideas with new technologies of the future.

Through the years, there have been many companies started; some worked, some didn’t, and for others, the jury is still out.

For a LIST of companies created by BigBamboo, click HERE.


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Whether it is a flash, an inspiration, or comment made by someone in passing, a kernel of an idea often presents itself. Some of the ideas are acted upon, some sit and wait, and some are discarded for various reasons. We strive to take an idea from visualization, to creation, to actualization. Acting as a sort of business architect, we look to surround the company with the best and brightest people in their area of expertise.

The Goal of BigBamboo is to create companies that fill a “gap” in an industry. These gaps may be very narrow in scope, but deep in opportunity. Many of these “gaps” are thoughts or actions that most people do or use in their everyday lives, yet only certain, esoteric minds visualize improvement, expansion and creation.

Building a company takes many things including but not limited to – faith, persistence, patience, and belief. Additionally, it takes a solid foundation, good structure, and deep roots to be successful. From building an advisory board to pursuing top flight management and execution teams, the need for belief and persistence is paramount.

The name BigBamboo was taken as a metaphor for growing actual Chinese Bamboo trees and how it relates to building companies. While it is often asked if we sell bamboo, the answer is definitely no (at least not yet).

We DO however attempt to grow companies that can experience massive growth, fulfill a niche role and be supported by deep roots of talented management, expertise and experience.

Bigbamboo, LLC is a company that specializes in creating, incubating, and accelerating new businesses based on the ideas of its founder, Stephen Meade. It does not invest in third-party ideas or offer consulting services; instead, it focuses on developing concepts from visualization to creation and, if viable, to market.

Here’s a deeper look into Bigbamboo, LLC’s philosophy and operations:

  • Philosophy: The company aims to identify and fill “gaps” in various industries, often focusing on everyday actions or needs that are overlooked. These gaps may be narrow but deep in opportunity, representing areas ripe for innovation and improvement.
  • Methodology: Bigbamboo, LLC acts as a business architect, surrounding each company with top talent and expertise. This approach is designed to build a solid foundation and structure for the company, ensuring it has the potential for significant growth.
  • Growth Metaphor: The name “BigBamboo” is inspired by the growth of Chinese Bamboo trees, which symbolize potential massive growth and the importance of a strong foundation supported by talented management and expertise.
  • Companies in Operation: Some of the companies currently in operation under Bigbamboo, LLC include Green Wave Funding, MonetaPro, MagMo, and 377inc. Each of these companies was created to address specific industry gaps and has been developed from the ground up.

For those interested in the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree and its metaphorical significance to the company’s philosophy, you can read about it HERE