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Shortcast Videos (3-5 minutes) - Stephen shares his insights, knowledge and predictions with what’s going on in the world of Business, Blockchain, Fintech, and Entrepreneurial Ventures.

Why Transaction Speeds Don't Matter

Facebook Libra

For Bitcoin, Don't Look at the Price, Look at the Percentage

Acceptance of Crypto & Bitcoin at Retailers

Why did Bitcoin BTC suddenly go up?

What's in a Name? The ABC's, or is it the IEO's- of Blockchain

Featured Blockchain Basics & Education

Toquity Speech: Women Investing in Women Event- Part 1 - 11.19.18

Toquity Speech Part 2- Q&A: Women Investing in Women Event - 11.19.18

Stephen Meade - Unblocking the Blockchain - Beverly Hills Blockchain


Featured Tornado Technique & Why Isolation is a Good Thing Videos – Stephen shares his networking tips.

Tornado Technique

LAFI 2019 - Customer Development Presentation - Stephen Meade

Tornado Technique - USC Film School presentation (BullsEye Belief system)

Founder Institute: Session on Vision and Idea

Founder Institute: Branding & Naming

Founder Institute: Hiring and Firing


Episode #01 - Introducing Stephen Meade

Introducing The BullsEye Belief System - Ten Steps

Basis for BullsEye Belief System and Why “Isolation is a Good Thing”

10 Truths of Life as Defined by Stephen Meade

After the Baffle, Babble, and BS of Blockchain

What is Facebook Libra?  Why does it matter?

BullsEye Guy Podcast & Video Links
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MonetaPro Presentation & Interview Videos – MonetaPro is a Fintech platform that automates global corporate barter/trade.

A closed loop payment platform for Global Corporate Barter Stephen Meade CEO @ MonetaPro

MonetaPro | CEO & Founder Stephen Meade | Closed-Loop Payment System for Global Corporate Barter

MonetaPro Interview w/ Stephen Meade - Qualified Capital Summer Pitch Event 2018

MagMo Videos & How To's – MagMo is a social media tool that creates short stories populated with pictures and text that brands can use to produce content designed for their existing social media markets.

MagMo- Why Brands need another photo sharing tool

Why MagMo?

"Thanks For Your Service" Videos

"My Wet Rock" Videos

My Wet Rock Intro

My WetRock The Idea

My Wet Rock Outro

Miscellaneous Videos

Social Media is Broken

This is an expose and interview about the problems with Social Media, directly as it relates to the disconnect between fans and their ability to find “true” celebrity content. Fake fan sites, gossip and misinformation, and inability to monetize the social media sites are all opportunities to turn the entertainment industry, and social network, on its head. See the solution offered by OrionNation- our site which allows the celebrity to “Shine Brighter.”

*To learn more, please visit the The BullsEye Guy Podcast, specifically Episode #21

SAG LifeRaft Panel: Marketing Yourself

Stephen Meade speaks on a panel about marketing yourself.  Panel hosted by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. interviews Stephen Meade 

This is a show from 1997 called It’s as interesting and funny as the segment was on e-commerce (only $1Billion at the time), and the future of online. We find it even more humorous that Stephen was interviewed for (my online e-commerce venture), and right after him (with a much smaller segment) was Jeff Bezos of Amazon. Many years later, even though Jeff had the smaller part, he certainly got the last laugh!

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