Welcome to The BullsEye Guy Podcast by Stephen Meade

Lifelong Entrepreneur, Business Owner & Global Speaker. Over the years, I have read many books to develop The BullsEye Belief System. I've used that system to develop my own companies and help others be specific, targeted and focused to get what they want in life. This podcast will focus on many of these tools & tips and feature successful entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

The BullsEyeGuy Podcast - Featured Interviews

Success Through Asking w/ Mark Victor Hansen (American inspirational and motivational speaker, trainer and author. He is best known as the founder and co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series).

In the Interest of the People w/ Congressman Dennis Kucinich (A former U.S. Representative from Ohio, serving from 1997 to 2013, and candidate for the Democratic nomination for president of the United States in 2004 and 2008).

Capturing the Zeitgeist w/ Gary Sorrentino (currently serves as Global Deputy CIO at Zoom Video Communications and Chairman, Zoom CISO Council).

The Next 30-60 Days - 5 Days w/ Jeffrey Hayzlett (Global business celebrity, primetime television and podcast show host, author, and keynote speaker.  He was formerly the Chief Marketing Officer of the Eastman Kodak Company from 2006-2010. In 2014 he became the CEO of The Hayzlett Group).

The BullsEyeGuy Podcast w/ Brant Pinvidic (Award-winning film director and television producer, Former CEO of INvelop Entertainment the creator of Biggest Loser, Bar Rescue, Master Chef and more).

Creative Lessons from the Business Mind of Musician Adam Gaynor (American musician. He is the former rhythm guitarist for the band Matchbox Twenty).

#01 - "The BullsEye Guy" Podcast by Stephen Meade
In this premiere episode is an introduction to Stephen Meade, a.k.a. The BullsEye Guy.  Stephen is interviewed by legendary DJ and world famous Radio Host Swedish Egil.  Stephen will discuss his background, business history, and how he first created his “BullsEye Belief System.”  He has used this system to personally create several technology companies (Five of which were the first world in the world to do something; three of which were public companies.

Fun Fact:  Read 357 books in 6.5 years... not as difficult as you think

Guest Interviewer: Swedish Egil
The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the “Swedish Egil” is – is he really Swedish?  The answer is unmistakably yes.  Egil’s career began as a club DJ in Scandinavia and Europe.  In the 80s, Egil created an overnight buzz on L.A. radio on KROQ-FM.  He eventually became founder of GROOVE RADIO, dedicated to club and DJ culture.  You can also catch Egil’s distinctive radio voice nationwide on Sirius XM Radio and as co-host of weekly mix show “Powertools” (Power 106FM Los Angeles).

Website: www.swedishegil.com
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Groove Radio
Email: info@swedishegil.com

#02 - Introducing BullsEye Belief System
In this episode, Stephen Meade a.k.a. The BullsEye Guy, shares a brief overview of his signature 10-step program called, The BullsEye Belief System.

Show Tips:
* Design your Destiny - If you had more money than is necessary, what would you do specifically for other people?
* Relevancy is important - Tell me what you need, not what you do
* Psychological Jiu-Jitsu - Deflect, Defer & Disclose

#03 - After the Baffle, Babble, and BS of Blockchain
Stephen takes us past the confusion and fluff to the good stuff on Crypto - plus a focus on credit cards, Facebook and the Libra Coin.

Show Tips:
* Bitcoin is like a brick of gold. Supply & Demand.
* Bitcoin is like a glorified gift card
* Facebook Libra is an internal payment mechanism

#04 - Who Wants to be Financially Independent?
Stephen discusses the insights and nuances into being financially independent

Show Tips:
* Be specific... Most people are not specific enough
* Reactive vs. Proactive, which are you?
* Do I have enough money saved to live off the interest?

#05 - What is Facebook Libra? Why does it matter?
Stephen explains the nitty gritty on Facebook's rollout of their own currency

Show Tips:
* Is there a difference between Facebook Libra and Starbucks gift card?
* Libra is like a stable coin, glorified credit
* What is a Security Token?  Liquidity Token?  What does it all mean?

#06 - 10 Truths of Life as Defined by Stephen Meade
Stephen shares his insight with 10 Truths of Life

Show Tips:
* Do you know what you are really good at?
* Importance of Credit, Contacts & Compensation
* Negotiation Tip: When receiving an Offer, You want to flinch 🙂

#07 - Basis for BullsEye Belief System and why “Isolation is a Good Thing"
As a follow up to episode #2, Stephen expands on one of the primary principals.  In Step 3, the explanation of where “Isolation is a Good Thing,” delves deeper into the art of being specific, targeted and focused.

Show Tips:
* Find your emotional value
* Use Isolation of faces to create connections
* Be specific and name names

#08 -Lessons From Blockchain w/ UCLA Educator, Alex Nascimento
Business leaders, entrepreneurs, and students are learning how blockchain is revolutionizing the financial world from Co-Founder of Blockchain at UCLA, Alex Nascimento. In addition to his lectures and his role as Managing Director of 7CC – Blockchain Investments, Stephen’s guest has authored “The STO Financial Revolution: How Security Tokens Change Businesses Forever.”

#09 - Life Hacks: How to Use Simple Tips to Make Your Life More
Life Hacks—How to use simple tips to make your life easier, better, and more productive

Show Tips:
* Why your password should be an anagram
* Use Grammarly and other tools
* Stand by the Speaker and networking events

#10 - Global Impact of Food & Blockchain w/ John Sutton (Sutton Selects)
In this episode, John breaks down myths and nuances about food around the world.  What is the relationship between Blockchain & Food in the Health Industry?  Everyone loves avocados, but why is it best to eat an avocado (or any food item) from where it genetically originated which is Mexico?  Why does tuna from Sri Lanka taste different if caught in a traditional net versus getting an eco-shock?

Guest: John Sutton
John Robert Sutton travels the globe looking for the hidden gems that have been overlooked by mass distributors consumption for various reasons. It could be that it's logistically difficult; the average buyer is not going to be traveling to Russia. Also, it's difficult to get visas and the correct documents to travel around Russia looking for products, as Sutton has for decades.

Fun Fact: Did you know Avocado’s come from a Volcano in Mexico?

Website: www.suttonselects.com
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Contact: John Sutton

#11 - The BullsEye Guy Podcast w/ Entertainment TV & Film Producer, Brant Pinvidic
Brant has created and pitched hundreds of companies, and is often competing against the biggest names in the industry.  What can you do in 3-minutes?  How do you create interest and move your project forward?  In this episode learn the insights from a great salesman.

Guest: Brant Pinvidic
Brant Pinvidic is an award-winning Canadian-American documentary film director and television producer, best known for Why I'm Not on Facebook, Why I'm Not on Pokemon GO, Bar Rescue and Extreme Weight Loss. He is the CEO of INvelop Entertainment, host of the podcast Why I'm Not... With Brant Pinvidic, based on the film series of the same name, and a contributing writer for Forbes.

Fun Fact: What do bars, cats, and weight loss have in common?  They were all shows created by Brant.

Website: www.brantpinvidic.com
Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Book: 3-minute-rule
Contact: Brant Pinvidic

#12 - Kicking in the Back Door w/ Veteran Sportscaster & Publisher, Tom Zenner
Tom Zenner is a former NBC Sportscaster, book author and creator and several high end magazines.  Having worked with the Chicago Bulls during their heyday, and even broken into (sort of) the offices of Bryant Gumbal at NBC, learn the tips, hacks, and stories of an entertainment insider.

Guest: Tom Zenner
Tom Zenner (KABC Radio, One Degree of GLAMOUROUS Podcast) joins Stephen to share his entrepreneurial spirit from breaking in to sports radio to developing celebrity lifestyle content. Tom reveals hilarious inside stories on how he built relationships and seized opportunities along the way.

Fun Fact: Tom was a better Running Back than OJ Simpson in college

Website: www.onedegreeofglam.com
Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Podcast: One Degree of GLAMAROUS w/ Tom Zenner
Contact: Tom Zenner

#13 - 10 Tips from The BullsEye Guy on How To Be A Better Public Speaker
In the course of business, community, and even social activities, you are likely to speak in front of an audience. Whether it’s for 2 or 200 minutes, for 30 or 300 people – Stephen’s 10 tips and techniques will help you give a tremendous speech.

Show Tips:
* Videotape yourself and watch & listen to your speech
* Practice a planned "pause" in your speech for effect
* Train yourself on watching your "crutch" words
* Ask your audience easy questions

#14 - Innovation in Malta with Oliver de Bono, AI & Blockchain Summit
Thousands will attend the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit in November, and Stephen gets the insider’s perspective from the man behind the conference - SiGMA, COO, Oliver de Bono. We will learn how blockchain is evolving the iGaming market and how it intersects with new industries such as Medical Cannabis, to change the future. For event info, visit: maltablockchainsummit.com / cannabizsummit.world

Guest: Oliver de Bono
Oliver de Bono is the current COO of SiGMA Group, a position he has held since 2017.  He entered the iGaming fray in 2006, accumulating over a decade of experience working in the recruitment field at a senior level.  He has assisted in setting up a number of companies in the iGaming sphere, and he has worked for operators such as Betfair.  Oliver was also one of the architects behind the inaugural edition of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, playing an integral role in the success of its launch in 2018.

Fun Fact: 3 years ago Oliver had a marketing idea that would help reach the world from behind a computer screen... and now he's the Group COO jumping on planes weekly flying all over the world!  So much for remote work!

Website: maltablockchainsummit.com, cannabizsummit.world
Social Media: LinkedIn
Contact: Oliver de Bono

#15 - Five Pillars of Malta
Stephen details the foundational structure of what makes Malta the destination for companies utilizing blockchain technology.

Show Tips:
* Why is Malta a good place to start a business?
* What are the Five Pillars of Malta?
* Is Malta part of the EU?  Do they speak English?

#16 - Thanks 4 Your Service: Creating a Company and a Movement
In this week’s entrepreneurial podcast, Stephen shares his personal journey with the launch of “Thanks 4 Your Service” – a movement to help people and make a difference. We will learn how the idea came about, what the process has been, and how actions bring achievements. http://www.thanks4yourservice.org/

Show Tips:
* What gesture can you use to say "Thank You"?
* What motivates you to say Thank You
* How to create a platform to help many

#17 - YOS TOS - A Fictional Thriller or Possible Scenario?
Imagine waking up on Chinese New Year 2025 – the Year of the Snake (YOS), and your digital access is now beyond your control because you agreed to the Terms of Service (TOS). Hold on for this week’s conspiratorial topic as Stephen lays out his ultimate YOS TOS spy thriller.

Show Tips:
* Do you know social scoring can make you invisible?
* What is 5G and why do we care?
* In five years, will you remember phone numbers and addresses?

#18 - Creative Lessons from the Business Mind of Musician Adam Gaynor

Stephen hosts a lively conversation with Adam Gaynor - from selling 25 million records as one of the original members of Matchbox 20, to his launch into the world of animated merchandise and media with Creationville. Adam shares how he found success in music and how his new endeavor inspires children to find their path and pursue their dreams.

Show Tips:
* Take a job, even if menial, that gets you close to your dreams
* Don’t give up and pursue it as long as you can
* Creativity comes in many different forms

#19 - Blockchain for Business / Crypto for Consumers

While there is still confusion in the blockchain industry - digital currencies, digital tokens, and stable coins are the future of how we are going to get paid. Stephen explains how we need more people in blockchain, more people in crypto, more consumers online, and more banks offering business solutions in order to move the industry forward.

Show Tips:
* More consumers needed to use Crypto
* Banks need to offer Products for Business
* Regulators need to better understand Virtual Assets

#20 - The Power of Three

If you have every studied numbers, the power of three has a lot of significance. Stephen talks about his favorite number and the positive effects of simplifying a message down to three words, with meaningful examples for entrepreneurs, managers, and businesses seeking investment.

Show Tips:
* Why the Power of Three is Important
* Three Magic Words for Raising Money
* Three M's that Matter

#21 - Why Social Media is Broken

One of the biggest progressions of technology in the last decade has been Social Media.  Stephen covers the good, the bad, and the ugly of Social Media – how it started and some of the trends and changes that are happening now.  He will also talk about solutions and how we can make it better.

Show Tips:
* Why Social Media Doesn’t work
* Why Facebook and Instagram is broken
* How do you improve on the existing platforms

#22 - 10 More Life Hacks from The BullsEye Guy

Stephen shares additional life hacks and his best efficiency tools for entrepreneurs and business owners. Enjoy these techniques and tips that will make your life easier and more productive.

Show Tips:
* Learn how to structure your contacts
* How and When to use a V.A.
* Which travel site is the best one ever

#23 - A History Lesson: The Evolution of E-Commerce

The BullsEye Guy takes us back to a time on the internet when e-commerce systems were first being built.  From challenges for merchants to today’s blockchain solutions and beyond – Stephen covers his arc through it all.

Show Tips:
* What was the Precursor to Paypal?
* Did people really think the Internet would work?
* How do you move to a Digital Currency for settlement?

#24 - Goldfingr:  A Deal Club & Mastermind Network Goes Social

Stephen sits down w/ Rob Charles, Founder & CEO of Goldfingr - an award-winning digital club for global investing, business, and the arts. Launched in NYC in 2014, Goldfingr integrates networking and entertainment based on the Mastermind Principle with international chapters and members from artists to billionaires.

Show Tips:
* What is Goldfngr?
* What does Boxing and Entrepreneurship have in common?
* Why is an Investment Club needed?

#25 - Top Sales Tips Curated by The BullsEye Guy

Stephen Meade gets into the art of selling with a full episode of unique and interesting sales techniques this week.  Tips such as “feel-felt-found,” “the hot potato,” “the power of no,” and much more.  Plus the number one factor you need to negotiate successfully.  Get ready to take some notes!

Show Tips:
* What do Tom Selleck and I have in common?
* How do you reduce to the ridiculous?
* Why Feel, Felt & Found are not part of the MeToo movement

#26 - Top 10 Global Events Targeted By The BullsEye Guy

Stephen curates a list of his favorite event conferences around the world in places such as Davos, Munich, Abu Dhabi, and The Vatican – with hacks and techniques to get the most out of your own networking experience.

Show Tips:
* How do you select Networking Events?
* Why some of these Events are the best?
* Networking hacks-including one weird one

#27 - The Law Side of Crypto w/ Legal Expert - Gordon Einstein

From bitcoin to tokens, The BullsEye Guy targets crypto currency this week and the implications of regulation with FinTech and securities expert, Gordon Einstein (Crypto Law Partners). Gordon also covers current U.S. position on blockchain and fundraising and shares his projections with Stephen for 2020.

#28 - Luxury Business Networking w/ Nicholas Frankl, My Yacht Group

This week targets ultra high net worth experiences with Nicholas Frankl of My Yacht Group – a global influencer with high demand invitation-only super yacht events around the world including the Monaco Grand Prix. Nicholas also shares his fascinating background as a Winter Olympian, his connection to Prince Albert’s charities, and how he’s signing up clients to be the first civilians in space!

Show Tips:
* What does Bobsledding and Formula One have in common?
* What do you give a billionaire that is out of this world?
* How do you only do events on Super Yachts?

#29 - Hacking Davos:  World Economic Forum Re-cap

The BullsEye Guy returns from Davos, Switzerland for the annual World Economic Forum where thought leaders come together and attendance has blown up to 10,000+.  Stephen share his tips and techniques on navigating the layers of Davos, from the free events on the promenade to high-end badges and private events.

Show Tips:
* What are the Four Levels of Davos?
* Why is Davos now like SXSW (South by Southwest)?
* What makes Davos unique?

#30 - Goal Setting Around Attributes: Defining your Passion

“Design Your Destiny” is the first step in The BullsEye Belief System. But once you establish a goal for financial independence, what do you do next? Stephen lays out 10 of his own personal attributes that define his passions and guide his choices. He breaks down the process so that you can develop your own.

Show Tips:
* What is your passion?
* What is your guidepost for your life's outputs?
* How do you decide which project to pursue?

#31 - Top 10 Books Revealed

After reading 357 books in six and a half years, The BullsEye Guy, uncovers his Top 10 titles that are important for entrepreneurs or anyone trying to improve themselves.  From the classics to the inspirational, Stephen explains how these books “stack” as you go - so read these in order from 1 to 10 and start building your skill sets!

Show Tips:
*What are the Top 10 book to read?
*Why should you read them in order?
*How to put them all together?

#32 - Top 10 Tips for Coronavirus (COVID-19) – A Time to Be Prepared

As the world dramatically changes, the BullsEye Guy, Stephen Meade, reminds us to do our best as a society to try and control the spread of the virus.  Stephen shares 10 practical tips and basic steps to change our personal habits and make us safer.  Don’t be scared.  Be prepared.


Show Tips:
* What are then common sense steps to be safe?
* Why should you always carry masks and sanitizers?
* What does hydration and moisturizing have in common?

#33 - Why Panic? A Briefing on Investing

Information is power, especially during these volatile financial times.  The BullsEye Guy reviews basic money terms including - diversification, load balancing, Dollar-cost Averaging, and Rule of 72 - to help us be more prepared and confident with our investments.


Show Tips:
* Why you only lose money when you sell?
* Why is your time horizon important?
* How does Dollar Cost Averaging work?

#34 - Introducing EAMS:  A Tech Solution for Disaster Management

The BullsEye Guy discusses the current state of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and the reactive response by governments that still uses forms and spreadsheets. Stephen proposes a proactive and scalable web-based solution called EAMS (Emergency Asset Management System) that can provide greater efficiency to help save lives.  For more EAMS info, visit:  http://eams.network


Show Tips:
*Why is Government always reactive and not proactive?
*What is the most important activity during a crisis?
*Why is asset reallocation safer than buying?

#35 - The Next 30-60 Days – 5 Tips from Jeffrey W. Hayzlett (C-Suite Network)

TV & podcast personality, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and C-Suite Network Chairman & CEO, Jeffrey Hayzlett, zooms in with Stephen to discuss his 5 practical tips for business leaders during these extraordinary times. The time is now to push business forward and be ready for the restart.


Show Tips:
*What are five steps you can do right now?
*What is the most important focus for a Company?
*What is the C-Suite and why join?

#36 - Capturing the Zeitgeist with Zoom CIO Advisor, Gary Sorrentino

When the pandemic hit, people stayed home…and Zoom skyrocketed. Stephen uses the popular video conferencing platform to get the inside view on Zoom’s massive acceleration in connecting people virtually from CIO Advisor, Gary Sorrentino. Gary also shares updates on Zoom security, cool backgrounds, and his vision for the future.


Show Tips:
* What is a CISO and why does it matter
*What are some cool features of zoom?
*What is Zumping, Zocktails and more?


#37 - Music in the Age of Covid with Hip-Hop Agent, Jeremiah “Ice” Yournossi

As global touring is upended by the pandemic, Stephen gets the industry perspective from talent agent and live music expert, Jeremiah “Ice” Yournassi, who’s work includes international bookings for 50 Cent and Missy Elliott. Ice also brings us up-to-date on his forthcoming book about American internships across many industries with a mission to teach and help young people.


Show Tips:
*What will music be in the "New Normal"?
*What should an artist do to stay connected?
*Will more artists go direct?

#38 - Historical Lessons from Heiress, Entrepreneur and Author - Mitzi Perdue

As the daughter of the co-founder of the Sheraton Hotel Chain, and the widow of chicken industry leader, Frank Perdue - Mitzi Perdue has a unique historical perspective on entrepreneurship. She shares business and life lessons with Stephen, and introduces her timely new book, “How To Be Up In Down Times,” co-authored by Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series).


Show Tips:
*What are the three flavors of personality?
*What lessons are learned from a Dad during tough times?
*What does the great depression and Covid-19 have in common?

#39 - Congressman Dennis Kucinich: In the Interest of the People

From his inspirational journey as the youngest big city mayor in America to his work in monetary policy and the extraordinary implications of cryptocurrency - Congressman Dennis Kucinich has always been guided by his principles. He shares with Stephen what motivates him personally as he continues his service to Americans.


Show Tips:
*What can you learn from a 2X Presidential Candidate?
*How do you return from Political exile?
*Why would a Democratic Congressman believe in Blockchain?

#40 - Success Through Asking with Mark Victor Hansen

With 500 million books sold in 54 languages, best-selling author (Chicken Soup for the Soul Series), Mark Victor Hansen, continues to inspire with his new book, “Ask!: The Bridge from Your Dreams to Your Destiny.” Mark also shares stories with Stephen from his childhood, his academic background, and his alternative energy pursuits in this lively conversation.


Show Tips:

#41 - An Informed Viewpoint From Futurist, Alex Lightman

Award-winning author, policy advisor, and globalist, Alex Lightman, has written predictions that have never been wrong. From predicting hand-held computers that communicate using hieroglyphics (think emojis!) to authoring the first book on 4G wireless, Alex joins Stephen to share his views on open-sourced medicine, genetic-engineering, and the probable origins of Covid-19.


Show Tips:
*What can you learn from a Futurist?
*Do you believe Covid-19 was created?
*What would you predict for the next 10 years?

#42 - Protest Commentary and the S.T.O.P. Action Plan

The BullsEye Guy, Stephen Meade, makes politically direct (not politically correct) observations about the protests against systemic racism. He breaks down the layers of protests, includes his view on slogans, and looks at what is broken in the system. Stephen also offers his solutions for the movement to S.T.O.P. police brutality and push for change.
Show Tips:
*Are all Peaceful protests really "peaceful"?
*A Slogan is not a Solution
*How do you S.T.O.P police brutality?

#43 - From Oingo Boingo to Bono! Stephen chats with Richard Gibbs about music, life, etc.

Show Tips:

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