About Stephen Meade

Stephen Meade
Chairman & Founder, BigBamboo LLC

STEPHEN MEADE is the founder of Big Bamboo, a holding company that accelerates ideas into the formation of companies. As CEO for multiple public companies and executive/advisor with dozens of startups, he has demonstrated the ability to rapidly scale capital, revenue, and customers by effectively building and training teams.

Known as “The BullsEye Guy” for his targeted approach to problem-solving, STEPHEN MEADE enables high-performing public, private, and nonprofit teams to focus on the specific goals that will bring them success.  An American entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is passionate about creating world-changing companies as mentor and executive.

Stephen’s nickname, The BullsEye Guy, is a result of his success at isolating exactly what organizations need and who they need to meet before they begin. This rigorous focus on using sales psychology to communicate simple ideas across a strategically targeted network of contacts evolved into The BullsEye Belief System which he used to create, incubate, and architect 9 different companies spanning the development of the internet, ecommerce, payment processing, and blockchain technology.

Full Bio located on BigBambooLLC.com

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